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Asset Management

Atlantis Capital Group is an asset management company with headquarters in the heart of Europe in Slovakia, Bratislava. Asset management is our main activity where we actively trade on different markets which diversifies invested amount. Algorithmic trading combined with human factor is our way to be able to maximize returns with a minimum level of drawdown.

Profit+2.46 %+2,44 %
Drawdown -1.93 %-1,12 %

Atlantis conservative

Atlantis standard

Atlantis aggressive

Deposit – Invested amount.
Equity stop loss – Maximal allowed loss on the invested amount (in %).
Your capital risk – The maximal amount you are willing to risk. If you are a conservative investor, you will choose “Atlantis conservative” where your maximal risk is 10% of your capital. In “Atlantis aggressive” your risk is 50% of your capital.
Number 0,41 – Expected return to drawdown is 5:1 in 1 year. A year has 12 months, so 5/12 is 0.41. If maximal drawdown is 10%, 10%*0.41 is 4,16% which is the average monthly return on investment.
Drawdown: Decrease of capital (investing 10 000€ and losing 100€ equals to 1% drawdown).

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