Our story

Charles Olson (American poet) once said: „Atlantis will rise again.“ And so it did. We are an asset management company, developing for over 10 years.

At the heart of Europe our team of developers, analytics and traders are trying to accomplish something which others laughed about. Through hard and continuing work we have tested a program with a great number of functioning algorithms, can today ensure conservative approach with statistical methods, significant protection of capital and anomalous returns.

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How are we different?

At present time we use the strongest possible statistics, which put us in a strategic advantage when combined with the human factor, where we eliminate human psychological risks.

“I am convinced, or rather I don’t know anyone over the past 10 years who would trade manually without algorithms and be profitable at the same time. Some people on the internet can claim they are profitable, but they do not show any real results and I know no such person. I believe the best way is fusion of the human factor with algorithms.”

Head of Portfolio Management

“We are the masters of risk management. When we use DeMark´s work it feels like wielding Thor´s hammer. In Norse mythology, the thunder god Thor carries a massive mallet with which he crushes mountains.”

Head of Portfolio Management

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We are here for you. Ask us anything, we’ll be happy to advise you.

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